Psychic medium Torre’ is giving readings at One Fat Frog noon to 6 Wednesday

Psychic medium Torre' is visiting One Fat Frog on Wednesday noon to 6 p.m.
Psychic medium Torre’ is visiting One Fat Frog on Wednesday noon to 6 p.m.

It was a chance meeting that has turned in an eight-year friendship.

Connie Baugher, owner of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, stopped by a metaphysical store in Longwood, Fla. She ran into psychic medium Torre’ and got a reading. Then a little while later, another. Then another.

It grew from that point, and now they hang out often, and Torre’ is coming to One Fat Frog’s 100,000 square foot warehouse at 2416 Sand Lake Road noon to 6 p.m. to do readings for staff and clients.

It’s a special day for One Fat Frog as Torre’ also is a spiritual counselor and a reverend for all life events.

“This was my calling,” Torre’ said. “Every 10 years you evolve into a different person. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, so I’m using my gift.”

It didn’t start out that way as Torre’ became as a musician and traveled opening for some of the world’s largest bands.

“I sing, play the keyboards and guitar,” she said. “It was big stuff in the 1980s with all those hair bands! I opened for a lot of acts. I played in front of 10,000 people in Tampa, opening for Survivor.”

She bounced from that to being a hairdresser to working in a law firm.

Then 14 years ago, Torre’ began working at Universal Studios, giving readers to tourists. That turned into a business and now she’s famous throughout the area. She teaches at Luna Sol Esoterica in Sanford a hotel in Cassadega.

She still has her naysayers.

“I don’t worry about that. It’s really no pressure on me. It’s the information that I’ve receiving from that person,” Torre’ said. “Most people don’t understand that what I do is not like you see in movies or TV. It’s a lot more than that.”

Torre’ explains that people’s energy is what is speaking to her, and not everyone has an energy around them.

“I’m about touching their heart and raising their energy and spirit. I’m about being very uplifting,” she said. “Some people carry a lot of heavy energy. I don’t worry about nonbelievers. I will make you raise an eyebrow when I give a reading, though.”

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