National Restaurant Association releases report on nutrition trends

Nutritions is important to One Fat Frog and should be important to you.
Nutritions is important to One Fat Frog and should be important to you.

The National Restaurant Association has announced the release of its “On The Menu: Restaurant Nutrition Initiatives” report. The annual report gives trends, initiatives, and suggestions for nutrition within the restaurant industry.

We feel at One Fat Frog that this is important as everyone should help counter childhood obesity.

“Nutrition and wellness are a top priority for the restaurant industry,” Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of NRA, said in a statement. “With consumers having an increased interest in health and nutrition … our industry continues to find ways to meet the growing demand for nutritious options. The report praises initiatives by many in the restaurant industry to counter obesity and offer healthy alternatives.

One highlighted initiatives is the “Kids LiveWell” program, which was created by the National Restaurant Association and Healthy Dining. The purpose of the program is to make it easier for children to find and obtain health food.

Another NRA initiative highlighted in the report was a push to establish nationwide uniform nutrition information. The initiative resulted in a federal law that requires restaurant chains with at least 20 locations to provide in-depth nutrition information on their menus.

The report also features some good news in terms of the availability to nutritious food. According to a recent study, 86% of adults report that there are more healthy alternatives available to them in restaurants than there were two years prior. Many are putting their money where their mouths are, with 71% of adults saying that they are taking advantage of the healthy options and are now eating healthier than they were two years ago.

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