Heart Attack Grill founder Jon Basso defends restaurant

Jon Basso won't apologize for Heart Attack Grill
Jon Basso won’t apologize for Heart Attack Grill

Remember the controversy surrounding the restaurant chain Heart Attack Grill? The Nevada-based company first made headlines because of its gluttonous theme, which flies in the face of a culture preaching healthy eating. In fact, that was largely the point. The burger restaurant has a menu item called the Quadruple Bypass. Waiters are dressed as doctors and waitresses are dressed as nurses, in the Party City sexy nurse Halloween costume kind of way. Customers are given hospital bracelets with their order. We at One Fat Frog love to gorge ourselves on food every now and then, but even we aren’t sure about the that level of gluttony…

Anyway, Heart Attack Grill made headlines again recently when their unofficial spokesman, John Alleman, died of a heart attack. On Thursday, founder Jon Basso appeared on “The Loop,” a show on Bloomberg Television to talk about Alleman and to defend the company.

In the interview, Basso said that Heart Attack Grill has no plans to change, even after losing its spokesman to a heart attack. Basso said that he had warned Alleman about his eating habits in the past. He was unapologetic about his restaurant and its image, though. “I am probably the only restaurateur in the entire world who is unapologetically telling you that my food is bad for you,” Basso said, “that it will kill you and that you should stay away from it.” Basso contrasted that with many other restaurants who he says give the appearance of being much healthier than they are.

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