Would you eat food grown near a crippled Japanese power plant?

Would you buy and eat food that was grown 60 miles away from this Japanese power plant?
Would you buy and eat food that was grown 60 miles away from this Japanese power plant?

Should this be considered a “destination restaurant?” One Fat Frog isn’t quite sure. Remember the Fukoshima power plant? It was all over the news in March 2011 after a tsunami caused the power plant meltdown, which is considered the world’s worst since Chernobyl. Well, a Japanese company realized that the land where the power plant was located isn’t being used, so it would be a good spot for their restaurant.

Yoshinoya Holdings, a company that sells stewed beef, has started a joint venture with local Japanese farmers. The plan is to use an abandoned farm near the Fukoshima power plant site to grow crops. They want to use the land to grow rice and vegetables. The farm is actually 60 miles from the former power plant, but for some it is still too close to the site of a horrific disaster.

Sale of Fukoshima produce dropped sharply following the power plant meltdown, despite assurances from the government that all produce is inspected and verified to be safe. Yoshinoya Holdings is undoubtedly getting the farm land on the cheap, but it remains to be seen if customers are going to be too nervous about eating at a restaurant stocked with food grown near a nuclear power plant disaster.

Yoshinoya Holdings maintains that the farm land is perfectly safe, as will be their product and its use in restaurants. It should be noted that the area in Chernobyl around that power plant meltdown is now a thriving jungle free of mutation or any discernible negative impact of the radioactive exposure. Of course, the Chernobyl disaster was back in 1986.

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