Mini Grand performs burlesque show at One Fat Frog party for FRLA on Sand Lake Road


Mini Grand, aka Sumale Eaton, performed a burlesque show at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment party Sunday night at the new showroom at 2416 Sand Lake Road in South Orlando.

Eaton, who loves creating historical costumes, admits that she has an old soul and has always loved real burlesque and not the typical “stripper” idea.

“I’m trying to be a historical pioneer and not just a person who takes off her clothes,” said Eaton, who grew up in Sanford, Fla., and currently lives there. “It’s been very rewarding showing people what real burlesque is about.”

Eaton says too many people think of burlesque as strippers or exotic dancers.

“People don’t really understand what sexy is,” she said. “Somehow their minds always goes to a seedy, nasty club. I’m trying to raise the standards of burlesque. It’s more an art form.”

The One Fat Frog family loved the show, and Eaton is hoping to continue to perform at trade shows, parties and other events. She is more about spreading the word than taking off her clothes.

“In the next five years, I hope to continue to focus on vintage wardrobe and continue my burlesque,” Eaton said.”I want to show grace. I’m about being tasteful and not trashy.”

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