Equipment You Would Find in a BBQ Restaurant


Starting up a BBQ restaurant is a great way to make your mark on the long tradition of sweet and salty smoked meats. BBQ has Caribbean and Spanish roots, but you can find a BBQ restaurant pretty much anywhere in the world. Wherever smoked meat is grilling over hot flames, there will be customers lining up with their bibs.

If you have been dreaming about picnic tables and checkered tablecloths, then maybe it’s time to wake up and start up your own BBQ restaurant. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Central Florida can help you pick out all of the proper BBQ restaurant equipment to set yourself up for success. Here’s a look at the basic items, all available from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

Commercial Smoker: these can be utilized for numerous uses in the BBQ business. They cook meat slowly while infusing it with a savory smoke flavor.

• Steamer: can be used to steam everything from vegetables to fish. Also, steamers can help keep buns and various breads soft.

• Range Oven: for cooking the various side items, such as mashed potatoes, corn, and baked beans.

Fryer: for side items such as wings and fries.

Commercial Refrigeration: coolers and freezers for storing meats and other items.

 Ice Machine: because nothing goes with BBQ like cold drinks.

What’s a good location for a BBQ restaurant? Well, since BBQ patrons tend to enjoy a casual dining experience (where they can get their hands messy), a good location for a BBQ restaurant would be around a strip mall, shopping area, or anywhere else with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Avoid fine dining areas where people certainly do not like getting BBQ sauce all over their expensive shirts.

Also, be wary that not all BBQ patrons eat meat, so you should consider offering menu items that cater to them. For example, baked beans cooked without bacon fat, grilled tofu, or BBQ potatoes.

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Enough with the reading. Come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today and make your BBQ dreams a reality.

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