In Belgium, They Have French Fry Vending Machines

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There’s convenience and then there’s CONVENIENCE.

Out in this great wide world you can find a champagne vending machine (Berlin) a beer vending machine (Bulgaria). Now Belgium is stepping up to the plate with a fresh frites machine.

Frites, better known in the States as french fries, are a very popular dish in French-speaking Europe. Frite vending machines already exist in Europe, but the Belgium version will be the first to fry them up in hot beef fat rather than vegetable oil. This could make them competition to street vendors. The machines feature a triple filter system that reduces the glorious smell of frites, for some reason.

The machine costs $3.36 and it takes 90 seconds to be serve hot frites in a paper cup. Topping choices include mayonnaise and ketchup.

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