Five Popular Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know

Before I worked at One Fat Frog, I was in college. While I was in college, I went to many bars (after I turned 21, of course), and I always thought that working at a bar while in college would be a good way to make some cash. So I asked a bartender during a quieter night how he got into his job. He told me that there are different routes, but his way was to go to a bar, ask what popular drinks they make, and learn how to make them on his own. When he went back, he demonstrated he knew what he was doing, and he was given a shot. While working, he learned some more, but he always said you’ve got to know some drinks first. So here, for you aspiring bartenders, is a list of five well known cocktails that you better know if you’re going to get a job.

-The Mojito: 1 spoon white sugar, 2 Oz White Rum, hand full of mint leaves, half of one lime cut into 3 wedges, splash of club soda, 1.5 Oz sweet and sour Mix, 8 ice cubes or crushed ice
–first you muddle the mint, lime, and sugar
–add the rum, sweet and sour mix, and eight ice cubes
–shake it like your life depends on it
–strain into a glass of crushed ice
–top with club soda and garnish with mint leaves and a lime wedge

-The Cosmopolitan: 2 Oz citron vodka, 1 Oz orange liqueur, 1 Oz Cranberry Juice, dash of lime cordial, 8 ice cubes or crushed ice, lime peel for garnish
–get a chilled martini glass (very important)
–pour the vodka and liqueur into the shaker followed by the cranberry juice and lime cordial
–add lime juice or just squeeze half a lime and then ice cubes
–then you STIR (not SHAKE)
–strain into your martini glass and garnish

-The Apple Martini (or Apple-Tini): 1.5 Oz apple flavored vodka, 1 Oz sour apple liqueur or apple flavored schnapps, Dash Midori, 1 Oz pineapple juice, 1 Oz apple juice, 8-10 ice cubes
–pour your alcohol into the shaker, followed by the juices and the ice
–strain into the glass and enjoy

-The Mimosa: half a glass of orange juice, chilled champagne or sparkling wine
–fill half the glass with orange juice
–then pour in some champagne
–stir lightly
–marvel at your amazing job making something so delicious and easy

-The Margarita: 2 Oz Tequila, 1 Oz orange liqueur, juice of 1 lime or lemon, 0.5 Oz of simple syrup or Lime Cordial, 8 ice cubes or crushed ice
–pour all of your ingredients into a shaker and follow it up with the ice
–add your fresh juice
–shake it like a Polaroid picture
–strain into a garnished glass (you can salt the rim, pour it over ice, or garnish with a lime peel)

So there you go: five incredibly popular cocktails. Now I know what you’re thinking (especially if you’re an experienced bartender): there are WAY more cocktails than this, and you’d be right. There are plenty more, but this is a great foundation to start with. Happy mixing, and drink responsibly!

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