Eaten Anything Weird? There’s an App for That.

There is nothing more fun than discovering something unique out there in cyber space and how you can use your smart phone to find all sorts of odd unique things. So if you have a taste for the exotic and need to know where you can get something different, well, just like everything else in the world, there’s an app for that. devised the perfect app for those interested in trying new and weird dishes appropriately called “Weird Food I Have Eaten”. Here’s what you do: you download this app (it’s free!) and you chronicle the various unusual feasts you enjoy. Not only can you identify what weird thing you’ve consumed, but you can also rate and describe the taste of what you ate. After you’ve described what you ate, you can share it via Facebook and Twitter with a push of a button.

So share that crocodile tail you ate, or the sheep brains that you have at that one restaurant. Let everyone know that you’re an adventurous soul and that you like trying new things, and remember, it’s free!

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