So Necessary: BAGUETTE BAG


I’ve traveled around Ireland twice and both times I ate baguette for at least one meal a day. It’s the only way to save on meals when you’re roughing it abroad, I tell ya. Hit up the grocer in the morning, grab a fresh baguette, and you’re good until dinner. The only snafu was carrying the beastly bread around in a backpack all day. I’d break it in half before packing it up, but that would still leave to the inevitable crumb dusting on your clothes.

If only the folks over at the Ukrainian design company CYAN at thought of the Baguette Bag years ago.

This hands-free bag is designed to fit one fresh baguette snugly, so the user is able to transport it around with little effort without damaging the baked bounty. It’s available in brown, yellow, green, and grey.

You can pre-order your own baguette bag here for 685, 000 hryvnias.

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