SEINFELD’s Memorable Food-Related Episodes

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Seinfeld is the greatest television show of all time. That’s simply a fact. One of the frequent themes of the show is Jerry, Kramer, George, and Elaine’s relationship with food. If there was one thing that frequently botched up the gang’s plans (besides their rabid narcissism and selfishness) it’s food.

Whether it be the black and white cookie, the immortal Soup Nazi, a marble rye stolen from an elderly woman, or George’s sensual appreciation of pastrami – food always had a way of screwing up the gang or helping them serve up sweet, sweet revenge (George merrily poisoning a woman in the Hamptons because she saw his private parts).

The folks over at First We Feast have compiled a list of “Seinfeld‘s Biggest Food Fails,” featuring the best food-related moments of the show. It’s a great list, although I would’ve included Kramer’s meat slicer from the episode “The Slicer.” It’s not a specific food, but he does slice meat so thin you can’t even see it.

“Welcome to Flavor Country.”

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