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Available now at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando, FL are some mighty healthy steam tables. For example, check out the four-well model shown above. With its glaring shine and impossible good looks, you’d swear it was a brand new unit. This is – I hope you’re sitting down – a used model. That’s the kind of treatment used commercial foodservice equipment receives at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. By the time a used steam table moves out of our warehouse, it will be running and looking like new.

Steam tables are one of the most regularly used pieces of equipment that can be found in a variety of restaurants. Also known as hot food tables, steam tables are dynamic in their applications and durable for warming and holding food at a safe temperature. Typically, steam tables are insulated with fiberglass and constructed from stainless steel – a combination that allows units to heat up quickly. Steam tables allow for individual control of each well – making it simple to serve various food items at once.

Every used steam table sold by One Fat Frog Kitchen Equipment comes with a 30 day parts and labor warranty. Our staff of certified in-house technicians provide each used steam, table with a serious dose of TLC – cleaning, detailing, and testing every component before giving it the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment stamp of approval.

If you’re looking for more than a used steam table, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would love to put together an affordable package deal. One Fat Frog also accepts quick cash deals towards any pieces of used commercial restaurant equipment. Cash will save you even more off of the already low prices! We also offer an affordable financing plan – available to start ups and established restaurants alike. All credit is welcome! Read more about the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing plan here:

No matter how you pay, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will serve up some delicious freebies. We deliver to almost the entire state of Florida, an idea every other restaurant equipment dealer would shudder at. We also provide free custom cutting boards on all used prep tables, free custom paint jobs, and free gas conversion. The majority of steam tables are gas, so this particular free service is sure to save you money.

Now that you know the details, come bear witness to the selection of steam tables on sale now at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment!

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