Man Disguises Pet Turtle as Hamburger to Smuggle Him Out of China

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I feel for anyone who shows unyielding devotion an animal friend. Even if it means attempting to smuggle them out of the country dressed as a hamburger.

That’s just what a man named Li did in China as he attempted to pass through airport security at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on July 29. While his possessions passed through the the x-ray conveyor, some odd images were seen by security staff. They noticed “odd protrusions” sticking out of the KFC hamburger in his bag.

Even more alarming is that KFC apparently serves hamburgers in the land of the dragon.

When Li was questioned by staff, he initially claimed there was nothing but a hamburger in the bag. He finally caved after repeated questioning and admitted it was his “beloved” turtle. Unfortunately, due to Chinese law, Li wasn’t able to travel with his little friend and had to leave him behind. Total bummer.

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