Reducing Employee Turnover Rate

The foodservice industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any profession, which means that you may find yourself training often and repeatedly. Even if you hire a manager to do the training for you, there will still be a period when that manager needs to be trained. Below are some tips, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, that will help you maximize employee retention during training periods, as well as help decrease turnover rates.

• BE PATIENT: whether the new hire is a cook or a server, training takes time.

• AVOID CRITICISM: nobody likes to hear that they’ve been performing a task incorrectly. And people especially don’t appreciate being yelled at like a disobedient child. Yelling does not motivate employees – that’s a fact. Rather than tell a new hire they’re doing something “wrong,” explain to them that there is a “better way” of doing it.

• WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES: tasks around the front and back house may seem easy to you, Dr. Experience, but for a new hire it may take days or even weeks before they get the hang of things. Be sure to give them plenty of time to catch on.

• MAKE REALISTIC GOALS: always set realistic goals for the new hire to reach. Make sure you make them feel like they’re experiencing a triumph with each successive goal reached along their training path.

• USE OTHER EMPLOYEES: one of the greatest resources you have in your place of business is more experienced employees. Have the new hire “shadow” an experienced employee and observe them perform tasks correctly. It will help the new hire catch on more quickly and also display to them an example of a star employee.

• PRESENT EXPECTATIONS CLEARLY: contradictory or frequently changing expectations will confuse a new hire very. very quickly. Even with crystal clear goals, every employee will probably have differing expectations, so make it clear to your new hires and experienced staff what your expectations are.

• BE A POSITIVE EXAMPLE: new hires and experienced staff alike will look to you as an example. One of the best ways to improve performance, staff retention, and turnaround is to set a positive example for all employees to hire. If employees see you slacking off and contributing nothing to the work environment, they will follow suit. A toxic work environment lowers morale and makes employees uncomfortable.

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