How Bartenders Bring In Business

You ever see those movies like “Coyote Ugly” or “Cocktail”? Well, we at One Fat Frog have (of course, the guys have only seen one of those movies, and chances are the girls have only seen one of those movies). The fact is your bartenders can bring in a variety of new business if you have a bar or restaurant.

A good bartender can actually help bring in business to your bar or restaurant. If they are knowledgeable, charismatic, fun, and know how to make your night a blast, that means repeat customers, that means repeat customers who bring in new customers, and soon they become repeat customers.

So how do you make a bartender a good bartender? Well, charisma and personality can’t really be taught, but if they got it, then they got it. Now, on to the bartending. Make sure they know their beverages. You don’t want them to just serve the beer or the wine; you want them recommending beer and wine. They should be knowledgeable on taste, food pairings, the works. Also, make sure they’re up to par on mixology. If your bar is known for the best martini on the block, then they better know how to make a good martini.

Of course, if you have a bar that serves food or you have a restaurant that has a bar, then you should make sure your bartenders know the food and know what’s good on the menu. You want them to recommend the best stuff on the menu, including those high profit items.

So, when you hire someone, make sure that you’re getting the right people, make sure they know what they’re doing, and make sure they know what you want them to move out of the restaurant. And if they got some flair, make sure they show that off too. And by flair, I mean the ability to juggle liquor bottles, not the weird stuff the servers wore at the restaurant in “Office Space.” And that’s the way you do it!

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