Unique Flavors of Beer

For those who read my amazing post some time ago about the Hourglass Brewery, you all know that I am the closest thing that One Fat Frog has to a beer snob (not that I’m close to being a beer snob, but I am the closest we have). So when I went to my favorite nearby brewery and sampled hot pepper beer in the last couple of weeks, and after reading about infusions with vodka and other flavors, it struck me: what other crazy beer flavors are out there? Well, after a brief research break, I found a few:

-Short’s Brewing Company created a delectable concoction called the Bloody Beer by fermenting Roma tomatoes and other flavors to create this amazing Bloody Mary-like beer.

-Wells and Young’s Brewing Company wanted to stick with a fruit theme with their Banana Bread Beer. Who says you can’t enjoy banana bread and booze in one sip?

-Mill St. Brew Pub out of Toronto wanted in on the fruit-flavored beer themselves by creating a Lemon Tea Ale. Doesn’t that sound like something you can drink while you have a sore throat? I think I’ll try that one day.

Remember, this was just one quick search. There is soooo much more out there. And over time, I’ll bring you more. But for now, raise up those glasses and toast to the good times and try something completely out of the ordinary. It’ll be fun! Cheers!

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