Slick Custom Paint Job on a Hobart 30qt. Mixer


Check out the paint job on this used Hobart 30qt. mixer – courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Our friend wanted their mixer painted a deep red (or is it burnt orange?) and as part of our complementary services, One Fat Frog was happy to comply. Now, the unit looks (and runs) like new and our friend has one very unique commercial dough mixer. Our guys sure know how to stay inside the lines, huh?

Custom pain jobs is a free service offered by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. As long as the commercial restaurant equipment being purchased can be painted, let us know what color you wish it to be and our in-house professional painters will take care of the rest. One Fat Frog will supply the black, white, and silver paint, but if you want your equipment any other color, all you have to do is bring it in and we’ll do it up right.


The freebies at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment don’t stop at custom paint jobs, there’s also free delivery to nearly the entire state of Florida (call for details), free custom cutting boards on all used refrigerated prep tables, and free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural gas and vice versa.

No other commercial restaurant equipment dealer provides as many complimentary services as One Fat Frog Foodservice Equipment. We do it because we can and it’s the right thing to do for our friends, not because we have to.

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