It’s Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!

So, as many of you regular readers of the One Fat Frog blog are aware, I was quite sad when I discovered that National Chicken Wing Day was just this week and I had no idea until after it was over. Well, I shall not be left behind this time around. I shall remain one step ahead of the game, and if I find that there is a special day recognized, I will post it here.

Today, for example, is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day. As a musician myself, I believe anything used to create music is essentially an instrument (you all should hear my amazing solo using a common office desk and an empty soda bottle). But this day is meant to recognize those instruments that are meant to be instruments but would not be the first one would think of like a guitar or a drum.

No, this day is honor instruments like the flugelhorn, the dulcimer, the kaisatsuko, the lute, or (my personal favorite) the Chapman Stick (I wrote a blog about this one some time ago; use the search bar on the right to find it). Anything that is not the norm is worth mentioning on this day, and there is quite the list of instruments that I’ve never heard of, and it is safe to assume I couldn’t play them either. But one day, I might.

So on this lovely Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day, take the time to make some music, but not in the way that you would with bongo or a flute, but with something completely out of the ordinary. Who knows what kind of sound you’ll come up with next. Happy playing!

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