Why You Should Get Your Whole Ice Cream Parlor at the Frog

So why get your entire ice cream parlor at the Frog? Well, let’s start with the obvious points:

-Getting all of your equipment in one place is the best way to strike a deal. If you purchase everything you need for your ice cream parlor in one place, like at One Fat Frog, it’s much simpler to shave off some of the cost off each item, and thus you save money.

-You can save yourself not just money, but time. Rather than driving around to a dozen different places and making phone calls to a bunch of other dealers, just come down to One Fat Frog. We’ll take you around our huge warehouse (which will soon be a bunch huger…which is not a word, but that’s okay) and show you how we have just about everything you need.

-When it comes to your ice cream parlor, we have plenty of equipment, including ice cream dipping cabinets, large freezers, syrup and toppings stations, and lots more that your ice cream parlor needs. And to go back to the first point we mentioned, we sell used equipment, so you already save money there, and by getting everything you need in one place, you’re saving even more!

And, of course, there are all the other amazing perks we offer, like awesome financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty, and free services like delivery to most of the state, gas conversion, custom cutting boards, and custom paint jobs. All of that in one place! You can’t beat it!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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