Happy Belated National Chicken Wing Day!

So why didn’t the news that yesterday was National Chicken Wing Day get around to us at One Fat Frog? Seriously! I love chicken wings, and I think I speak for everyone else at One Fat Frog by saying that others at One Fat Frog love them too. So, in honor of the belated national holiday that really should be a holiday, here are a couple of fun chicken wing facts:

-The Buffalo chicken wing was originated in Buffalo, New York (makes sense), but if you go there, they’re just called “wings”.

-It was projected that over 1.25 billion chicken wings would consumed over Super Bowl weekend in 2012, and if you laid them all end to end, they would stretch around the earth…twice.

-There is a right way to eat a chicken wing: this guy from Learn Something New Every Day tells you how: http://lsned.com/how-to/eat-chicken-wing/.

-In honor of the holiday that should be a holiday, Hooter’s put out a huge challenge: they wanted America to eat one million wings. One million wings sounds crazy, but then they offered up some huge motivation: a $12.99-all-you-can-eat wing deal. I hate that I missed this, but I will let you know if American pulled it off once I know.

Happy Belated National Chicken Wing Day!

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