Look at Our Smiling Happy Crew!



If you can find a happier group of employees, Professor Frog will eat his hat! First you have to bring me a hat to eat, then you can tell me you’ve got happier people, then I’ll eat it! So this is our crew doing some learning in our warehouse. We were discussing some new plans for our dental health with the help of the South Orlando Dental Center, and as you can see, everyone got to walk away with the tools they need to stay happy and healthy in the mouth. And we’re always looking to learn more from anyone who wants to help our crew learn more about how to take care of themselves and the business in the way that leads everyone to be happy.


It’s good to know you have a crew that wants to learn more about how to better themselves, especially so you know that the group will not only work hard to better themselves, but to better your experience to get used restaurant equipment for any type of restaurant operation you might have. Come on down and check out our smiling crew!

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