Professor Frog’s Favorite Experiences

You know, we talk a whole lot about how you help your business here at One Fat Frog. We help you find cool places, learn new concepts, and, of course, get you the best used equipment for your restaurant. But every now and then, I like to tell about stuff on my mind. Here’s one of my own personal favorite experiences.

About three years ago, my family and I took a trip the New York City. My parents grew up there, my brothers and sister-in-law had been there before, so for me, it was my first time visiting the City that Never Sleeps. We did all the fun touristy stuff, like visiting Ellis Island and the Empire State Building and a couple of museums. But for me, the best day was our second day.

My brother, sister-in-law, and I went to Little Italy. This was a really cool experience for me as half of my heritage is Italian. The amazing thing about Little Italy is that they pretty much shut down the road going through the main area. The local restaurants along the road don’t just remain confined to their own walls either. If the day is nice (and it was that day), they put tables and chairs on to the sidewalk so you can enjoy a nice, outdoor dining experience. And to make it even better, Italian restaurants in Little Italy are run by Italians who take pride in their Italian food. They featured homemade pasta all around, and my homemade ravioli was absolutely amazing. After our meal, we went and got some delicious gelato, which was tasty, creamy, and just flatout awesome. The remainder of the afternoon was spent wandering around the area, and just enjoying the greatness of Little Italy.

Now, to connect this experience to your future business: this street was lined with restaurants all delivering similar foods and experiences, but they all took the simple fact that they could be on the sidewalk and they found a way to elevate it for their guests. What they did wasn’t huge, but it was effective. You don’t need to break your backs making your guests happy; you just have to find the right thing to do to make it special. The guest will then enjoy it.

Happy Friday!

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