Promoting Your Restaurant: The Old School Way

One Fat Frog is all about helping your restaurant succeed. It’s why we help you find the best used equipment you need and give you some great deals. We also want to offer you some ideas of how to expand your business, and that’s why you get the brilliant words from me and others on this blog. So, let’s talk about promotion. Why promote? Because you gotta get people in the door! And in these days of internet marketing, people forget there are ways to promote that don’t involve a smart phone or a lap top. So let’s review for those who haven’t done these before:

-Flyers: print companies can run some great deals. Get some printed flyers, put them around town.

-Mailers: like flyers, these things can get mailed out to everywhere. You can mail out menus, promotions, special deals and coupons, and since most people still get physical mail, it’s an opportunity to get some business that way.

-Go out there: how do you forget that! Get some samples, put them in containers, find crowded and busy places and other businesses and show them what you have. If you can bring in some lunch business, or if you offer delivery, this is a great way to let people know what you have.

-Hold events: bars are bringing in ideas like poker nights, karaoke, and other events to help get people into the establishments. That may be tougher in conventional restaurants, but there are still things you can do like getting Pay-Per-View games and other ideas. Plus, those other events like poker games are hosted by people who will spread the word for you. You just need to get them in the door, and if you do right, they’ll keep coming back.

Here’s what you have to remember: if there are no butts in the seats, there is no restaurant. So, if the social media and the internet aren’t work, sometimes you gotta go rogue. These are some good ideas, and there are others out there too. Try some ideas out and see what works. You can always try.

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