How Not to Use an Ice Cream Display Cabinet

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In my previous post for One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, I discussed how to stay cool while working inside a food truck. Anyone who’s worked at a restaurant knows how uncomfortable hot it can get in the kitchen and I bet I’m not the only one who has thought about sticking their head in a freezer. Back in high school when I worked at a major pizza chain, if I felt hot I would just step into the walk-in freezer for a few minutes.

Sticking your head in a freezer and cooling off in a walk-in freezer are fine and sanitary. Climbing inside an ice cream display cabinet, on the other hand, is a huge mistake.

That’s just what one employee of a Lawson’s convenience store in Japan did – setting off a firestorm after he posted pictures of his cooling off method on Facebook. Lawson’s didn’t find it funny and issues a formal apology. They also terminated their contract with the franchise that owns that store, closed the branch, and fired the employee. Lawson’s plans to reopen the store after some deep staff retraining.

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