Food Truck Guide: Keeping It Comfortable in All Temperatures

Running a food truck in Florida means that it is going to be predominantly humid and (sometimes overwhelmingly) hot several months out of the year. Knowing these typical conditions will help you find the normal, comfortable temperature inside your food truck. Keeping a comfortable temperature in a work environment is crucial for maintaining employee morale and a pleasant work experience.

For example, when it’s 95 degrees outside, it can easily be 105 or warmer inside the truck. That’s not a comfortable work environment and can lead to heat-related illnesses and injuries – such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stokes.

As One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is about to show you, there are plenty of affordable and easy ways to achieve a comfortable temperature inside your food truck. Here are some tips to smash the summer heat and avoid an unbearable temperature inside the food truck:

• PICK A COOL LOCATION: If there’s one available, park your food truck in the shade. Be sure there aren’t any nearby trees or overhanging branches that look unstable.

• SET UP AN AWNING WHEN PARKED: An awning will not only shade the service window, but also the side of the food truck. This will help protect your employees and your customers from the sweltering sun.

• MINIMIZE THE HEAT LOADS: When running a mobile kitchen it’s difficult not to generate heat. There are ways to cut down on it though. Turn off the commercial restaurant equipment as you go, as well as lights, laptops, and other electronics that generate heat.

Of course, don’t turn off your refrigeration units. You can cut down on heat and energy generated by the cooler or freezer by ensuring the coils on the back are cleaned and well-maintained.

• OPEN THE WINDOWS: Any time there’s a breeze, keep the windows open. If you park at night in a safe neighborhood, then keep the windows open then as well. A crosswind will significantly help keep the interior of your truck cool. Invest in some small battery- or solar-powered fans to help keep air circulating.

• COVER THE WINDOWS: Invest in some blackout curtains or windscreen covers to help cool the truck off.

• COOK OUTSIDE IF POSSIBLE: If you have a space where you can cook outside with a grill, then do so. Using a griddle or oven inside the truck will heat it up significantly in no time.

• DRESS PROPERLY: Wear loose-fitting clothing and clothes made of cotton. Any clothes that will help draw moisture away from your body. Wear shorts and light-colored clothing.

• WRAP A COLD, WET TOWEL AROUND YOUR NECK: A cold, wet towel around your neck will help cool passing blood in your veins, which will cool your body’s temperature.

If you’re in the market for any food truck equipment, then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out our varying selection. We have hundreds or pieces of used commercial foodservice equipment available that would be perfect for a food truck – no matter what kind of food you’re serving to the masses!

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