Cool Restaurant Experience: Wasabi Sushi at the Florida Mall


When you work at a place like One Fat Frog, it’s hard to not go to a restaurant and be very curious of what goes on behind the scenes. But it’s pretty awesome when you find a place that gives you something to show you as soon as you walk in. So here’s the story:

Last Friday, after a long, busy but productive day at One Fat Frog, I went down to the Florida Mall, a place where I don’t often go, and wanted to get an afternoon snack. Malls have food courts, so I figured I’d go there. As I was walking through, I ran into Wasabi Sushi. The kitchen is out in the open, and any customer can see what’s going on with their sushi. The chefs work hard, and they keep a clean kitchen. But that’s not the coolest part. The coolest part is the belt.


What do I mean by “the belt”? I’m talking about a conveyor belt that runs around the entire restaurant. The plates that hold the sushi are specially designed with a lowered lip that wraps around a platform that goes on the belt. The plates have different colors, so a California roll is on a plate of a certain color while Shrimp Nigiri is on another and so on. Customers grab plates as they see something they like, and the servers use the colored plates as the way to know what customers took. And don’t worry; the plates are covered, so the food stays safe all the way around the belt.

They still have hot entrees, like miso soup (which is a-maaaaa-zing) that the servers bring to you when you order it so it’s nice and fresh, but the sushi just moves around on the belt. Grab as you go, get as much as you want. Plus, they have a great selection of drinks including beer, wine, and sake. So when you’re not shopping for high end clothes at Nordstrom, Macy’s, or the Gap, stop in and grab some sushi.

And if you think you’ve got a unique concept like Wasabi, then you better keep One Fat Frog in mind so you can get the best used equipment for that restaurant, plus the financing, warranty, and free perks we offer too. We’ve got it so you can get it going.

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