Starting a Food Truck: Part 2

So, the last time we talked about getting a food truck started, we talked about the different sizes of vehicles or trailers you can get. Once you’ve made your choice, then you’ve got to get the equipment to start cooking. That’s where One Fat Frog comes in; we’ve got a whole warehouse full of used equipment, including anything you need to start a food truck. But what do you need?

First off, there are two things you need to consider when buying equipment for your food truck: your menu and your vehicle or trailer’s size. For example, let’s say we’re going to start a food truck to serve some American classics of burgers, hot dogs, and fries. You could easily cook the burgers and hot dogs on a flat griddle and the fries are obviously dropped in a fryer. You also know you need a refrigerator and freezer to keep the ingredients fresh and possibly a prep table so you can properly set up each meal.

Now you know what you need, so let’s get into the equipment itself. Now, I’m a fan of self-contained vehicles as opposed to trailers, so we’ll go with that layout. And I happen to think a refurbished former package delivery truck could make a good food truck. I also don’t need anything huge, so I’m going to have the minimum size of about 28 feet, so at least 20-25 feet of kitchen space. With that in mind, you can now begin laying out your kitchen. Once you know how much room you can play with, then you can start picking out your equipment. Also, not all equipment has their own legs, so you may have to get stainless steel stands as well. (And awesome alliteration there.)

Also, when you’re choosing your equipment, keep in mind how you must power it. For example, if you get a gas fryer and gas flat griddle, you have to also set up gas tanks to get the heat you need for those units. Of course, refrigerators and prep tables will require electricity, and you have to keep that in mind as well. Oh, and don’t forget you need a window in the side as well as a counter for taking orders and serving customers.

As stated in the first part of this little mini series, food trucks allow you to be really creative and have some fun with your design. There are services out there that will help you design your truck, or you can do it yourself! And then finding creative ways to get that equipment in your truck is just more of the fun. Also, don’t forget, we can help you find all the equipment you need and we’ll probably be following you wherever you go if your food is just that good. So give us a call today.

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