A Healthy Food Prank

We at One Fat Frog love our green. Not just on our shirts, but in our vegetables. Of course, the overwhelming opinion is that vegetables, while they may be good for you, are just not…good. As in tasty. Now, I disagree completely as I love my broccoli and mushrooms and carrots, but these folks who got pranked weren’t afraid to say that they think vegetables are not tasty. At least not more than ice cream. Now, there is a bit of fowl language in this, but the good folks who made the video bleeped it out, but still, fair warning to those with little frogs in the room. You may want to send them in the other room for a minute while watch this. Enjoy!

If you’re hoping to run a restaurant and you need used equipment, no matter whether you’re going to serve those delectable desserts that we can’t resist or the up-and-coming trend in healthy, organic wheat grass, then you can get all of your equipment from here at One Fat Frog. Get on the phone or come on down!

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