Starting a Food Truck: Part 1

For those of you who haven’t been out of the house in the last decade, you may have noticed that the food truck business has been booming lately. Food trucks are an awesome business as you can basically provide your culinary skills in any location where you want. Of course, starting a food truck can be tricky, and One Fat Frog is all about helping you get it right. Of course, starting a food truck is a bit different, so let’s break it down with the obvious first: choosing your vehicle.

The smallest, of course, is a small trailer that you would tow, similar to the hot dog stands you’d pass in New York City. Since you can tow these anywhere, and since they’re small, you can probably tow it anywhere and probably tow it with almost any type of vehicle.

Next up is a larger trailer that you can physically get inside of. This is better for more equipment, and it gives you the ability to make different types of items aside from just hot dogs or whatever. Of course, you’ll probably need a slightly stronger vehicle to tow this one with, but it’s nearly as versatile as the smaller trailer.

The next step up is an actual, self contained truck. This is where things can get fun for you. You can be creative on your menu as well as the type of vehicle. I’ve seen food trucks that are refurbished delivery vehicles. I’ve seen food trucks that used to be double decker buses. Depending on how much equipment you want to get or how many employees you want to have to work with you, you literally can have any sized vehicle you want.

Now, we don’t do the trucks themselves, but we’ll help you get the used equipment you need for the trucks. Next time around, we’ll talk about more about the types of equipment you might want in your food truck, and how you can get it from us. Come back soon!

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