Starting a Bakery? Here’s the Equipment You Need

We here at One Fat Frog have a sweet tooth and love things like cakes and muffins and other delicious baked goods. Which is why we want you aspiring bakers to get your very own professional bakeries up and running…so we can raid your stocks and stuff our faces with baked goodies till our stomachs shout at us with anger and resentment. And if you’re hoping to get into the bakery business, then here’s what you need:

-Ovens: this should probably be obvious, but you never know for some people. There are actually two types of ovens you would need. A conventional oven will do just fine for most things you bake while a convection oven will help with cakes and other pastries.

-Mixers: for small orders, you can probably get by with mixing dough by hand…of course, your arms will look like Schwarzenegger’s within a month or two, so getting a good solid commercial mixer will get the job done quickly without looking like a body builder at the end. Of course, if you are already a body builder, then you’ll be fine…and a sign that it takes all kinds to be bakers.

-Refrigerator and Freezer: there are obviously ingredients, like eggs and milk as examples, that you’ll need to keep refrigerated. Plus, you never know what temperature you’ll need to keep certain items, so having both is pretty much a requirement.

-Stove: some items will need to be cooked before being baked (yeah, I know), so you need to have a stove as much as the two types of ovens. And a good commercial one too.

-Display case: well, once you bake it, you want to show it off, right? So get yourself a sweet bakery display case to let your customers come and check out your products. And, while it’s not a requirement, make sure it’s a glass case. You want to protect your products and plus you get to make fun of people as they press their faces against the glass…not that I know anyone who would do that.

So there you have it: your list of equipment needed to start up a bakery. Of course, you always want to get the best deal, and most (if not all) of these items can be found in used but great condition in our warehouse. Plus we offer options for financing so you don’t pay an arm and a leg, a 30 day parts and labor warranty to make sure your equipment works well even after it leaves the warehouse, and our classic free services that include delivery to most of Florida, gas conversion, custom paint jobs, and custom cutting boards. So come on down and get baking! I want a cake already!

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