List of Equipment Needed for Your Restaurant

So what do we do here at One Fat Frog? If you don’t know yet, we help you find the used equipment at the best deals and with great perks so you can start your restaurant. Of course, different types of restaurants will have different types of equipment needed, but there are certain types of equipment that pretty much any food service business needs.

As a regular writer/life coach here, I write for our other blog and already compiled a list of items that every restaurant needs. Check it out here:

Don’t forget that there are other items you need as well aside from the big equipment. You’ll also need a variety of cooking tools including pots, pans, spoons, ladles, whisks, knives, cutting boards, and a whole lot of other items, again, depending on your concept. Of course, your customers need to eat on something other than table cloths, so make sure you’ve got cutlery, plates, bowls, glasses, and napkins for your customers to enjoy the food. Oh, right, also tables and chairs.

And, of course, One Fat Frog can help you find a majority of what you need from the big equipment to the smaller items. We want you to get the best price, so we offer amazing deals and also financing options so you can find the right number that works for your budget. We also give you a 30 day parts and labor warranty on all of our used equipment so you know it works and will work for you. And, of course, we’ve got the free stuff. The free delivery to most of Florida. The free gas conversion. The free custom paint jobs. The free custom cutting boards. And the free smiles…that’s after you get your whole restaurant equipped and ready to go in one place. Find out what we have today!

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