We’re growing!

You may have heard the buzz- we’re growing!  It’s been a few years that we stalled the inevitable growth.  But, it’s true- we’re moving to a new facility centrally located in Orlando metro area from toll roads and I-4.  It will be 100,000 square feet of food service equipment.  Now you know at the Frog we have a tremendous love for equipment and flooring it- giving you selection is our number one goal in filling up this new warehouse.  You might have noticed we’re offering a little more new equipment at our megawarehouse down on OBT and you can expect to see more new selection as we move into the 100,000 square feet facility.

One Fat Frog is a buzz about it!  We can hardly wait and then there’s the thought- who is packing the boxes? lol…

So the plans at the new facility is we’ll finally have our whole team under the same roof.  Our technicians, our service, our warranty, our internet, our parts, our sales, our marketing… and of course our deoderant wearing warehouse staff all under one roof!  I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Over the years the Frog has had a history of outgrowing space.  For a few years in Sanford we had surplus warehouses we called the “end unit” and the “North 40.”  Once we moved to Orlando we thought we had a roof large enough to take care of business, then we filled that up within three months and outgrew it about a year later.  We’re down to more employees than desks, working in the parking lot, not enough parking lot for our trucks and well you get the idea.  Then there’s the phone system we have outgrown and the internet we’re outpacing.

So, bear with us, you’ll see a lot of used and more new at the new facility, we’ll also be adding smallwares.


2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409