Food Growing on the Walls….Wait, What?!

Since I’ve been employed by the dear One Fat Frog and helping restaurants find the best used equipment for their kitchens and dining rooms, I thought I’ve seen or heard it all. Till I saw this…

At the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor City, Florida, they actually grow their own vegetables and herbs…on the walls. The technology was made by Dave Smiles with the hopes of closing the gap between the farm and the kitchen. By growing specific vegetables on the north wall or the restaurant, they are able to cut costs on waste, overbuying, and transportation of the products. It also allows the restaurant to grow more specialized plants rather than trying to get them shipped in, which can be quite pricey.

The plan at the Roosevelt 2.0 is not so unusual (except for the whole growing-on-the-wall thing). If restaurants have the ability to, growing their own vegetables and herbs are a great way for restaurants to guarantee the freshest ingredients without passing along extra prices on to the customers. And who doesn’t love fresh ingredients in their food? It’s so much tastier that way. Read the whole article here:–Vertical-Farming.

And while we may not make fresh vegetables on our walls, we do make great deals for your restaurant to the equipment you need to make those fresh wall sprouts. And with the fresh, new facility we’ll be moving to in a few months, we can show you even more of the good used equipment you want!

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