Five Terms Every Would-be Beer Connoisseur Should Know, Part 4

There are many things that we at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment enjoy in life. To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women ranks pretty highly, but not as high as bringing our customers the widest selection of used restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. But one cannot live on value, selection, and customer service alone! No, occasionally, one also needs…

In honor of the greatest fermented beverage, the One Fat Blog will look at five terms that you may see on a six pack from that new microbrew – terms that you might not fully understand. Well, as sure as One Fat Frog offers free delivery to Tampa, Jacksonville, Ocala, and most of the Sunshine State, we can also help you understand your beer terminology.

4) IBU. The “International Bitterness Unit” measures, at its most basic level, the parts per million of isomerized alpha acid content in beer. Simple, right? Actually, it only gets more complicated upon further explanation…

The IBU is used to measure hoppiness. As an objective measure of how much acid from hops is in the beer, it does ok. As a measure of how a beer tastes, however, it’s not so good. The reason for this is that taste is determined by much more than how many hops are thrown in the vats – sweetness, alcohol content, and other flavors all serve to mute or enhance how “hoppy” the beer actually tastes. Two beers with the same IBU number, therefore, can have wildly different levels of tasted bitterness on the tongue.

In short, while it’s good to know what IBU stands for and what it measures, it’s just as important to know that it DOESN’T actually tell you what a beer will taste it. For that, you’re going to have to go ahead and take a sip. Oh, darn, right?

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