We Want You To Buy Our Restaurant Equipment – But Not Like This!

According to the Ocala Star Banner (http://www.ocala.com/article/20130609/WIRE/130609712), a Bob Evans restaurant in Seffner (near Tampa) showed signs of being on top of a sinkhole(!) back on June 9th. With cracks discovered in the building, and a deadly sinkhole having opened four miles away in recent days, the management of the restaurant called authorities and evacuated the building.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is in business to sell the best used food service equipment at the best prices, so of course we want restaurants to want to buy new items. But we sure hate to hear about something like this… Florida restaurant owners have to deal with a lot of natural phenomena – hurricanes, tornadoes, sweltering heat, and even sinkholes – but with One Fat Frog you will never have to deal with overpriced equipment, or lack of customer service! Call or come by the office for the latest in prices and availability, and join the Frog Family!

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