Tampa Food Truck Rally This Weekend


This Saturday, June 22, 2013, the Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally will be returning to Tarpon Springs! The rally will be running from 4pm to 9pm on historic Tarpon Ave. To keep up to date on all of the latest food truck information in Tampa, check out the Tampa Food Truck Rally’s Facebook page!

The Tampa Food Truck Rally handles booking and promoting of food truck events, catering, and lunch and dinner spots. They work to help food truck owners find solutions to all of their needs. They host food truck rallies in both Tarpon Springs and Bradenton. Click here to check out their full calendar of events.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is also here to help Tampa food truck owners with all of their needs – on the food truck equipment side, that is. One Fat Frog Food Service Equipment has helped food truck owners all over the Sunshine State find the perfect equipment for their trucks.

One city we see a lot of food truck owners visiting us from is Tampa. The Tampa food truck scene is thriving and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is proud to be a part of it. No matter what kind of food you’re serving to the hungry folks of Tampa, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got you covered. The One Fat Frog selection of food truck-appropriate equipment is large and affordable. It’s also always varying, so if you’re in the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse and you spot a piece of food truck equipment you must gave, it’s best to act fast!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment understands that Orlando isn’t exactly a quick drive from Tampa, so that’s why we offer free delivery to the city and its surrounding areas! A couple times a month the One Fat Frog Food Truck Equipment crew is making the run from Orlando to Tampa, delivering high quality food truck equipment along the way! And they’re doing it for free! This saves Tampa food truck owners hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on delivery costs – leaving them more time and money to do important things. Like be amazing food truck owners and stuff. Click here to find out all about the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing plan for Tampa food truck owners.

The One Fat Frog knowledgeable sales staff can put together an affordable food truck equipment package for you and through our food truck equipment financing plan you can save even more. The One Fat Frog food truck equipment financing pan is a great way to build up personal and business credit, while making wicked low monthly payments of around $200 to $500.

Check out One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s Tampa food truck tips:

• Finding Your Food Supplier
• Designing the Exterior
Calculating Foot Traffic

Let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment handle all of your Tampa food truck equipment needs and take advantage of our low prices and free services. You can’t beat free food truck equipment delivery to Tampa!

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