The Most Iconic Food Photographs of All Time

Picture 2

The foodie website First We Feast has published a gallery of the “Most Iconic Food Photographs All Time.” There’s a nice mix of photos that display the role food has played in our society for centuries – along with some snapshots for the sake of amazing food alone!

Above is a photo by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who snapped the first reported food photo in 1832, prophetically kicking off a wave of social media addicts who rabidly take photos of every meal they consume. You should check out the entire gallery here, and below I’ve dropped some knowledge about my favorite photo in the series.

Picture 3

“Photographer Weegee Disguised As an Ice Cream Peddler in Theater” (ca. 1943)

I personally love this photo because as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved crime. Not committing crimes, don’t get me wrong. My record’s clean, pal. In my college days, I was a history major and the history of crime was the focus of most of my studies. I love criminal psychology, crime novels, crime films, degenerates, cut-purses, con men, pickpockets – the whole rainbow of lowlifes. And nobody documented the street life of the Naked City as raw as legendary crime photographer Weegee did.

He got the name for his seemingly otherworldly ability to get to a crime scene before the cops. See, he had a police radio in his car along with a portable dark room. He’d listen in, arrive on scene before the police had a chance to rope it off, develop his photos, and sell em off to the papers before the ambulances arrived.

Above is a photo of Weegee disguised as an ice cream man – displaying just one of the many ways he eluded the police to gain access to crime scenes.

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