Restaurant Management: Managing Food Costs

We at One Fat Frog can help you get the best used equipment for your restaurant, bar, cafe, or bistro. Of course, cooking food is only as good as the food you buy, and your inventory is an area where, if you’re not careful, can cost you more than you make. So here are some quick tips you can use to help manage your food costs:

-Don’t mix high and low cost items: There are items you’ll buy that are relatively cheap, like pasta, and there are items that are more expensive, like prime cuts of beef. Remember that you should be running a 30-35 percent food cost, so if you pay a buck for it, you should charge about $3.30 for it. So make sure you have a nice balance.

-Practice portion control: As mentioned, you need to run a 30-35 percent food cost, so if you have a menu item that costs three bucks to make, it should cost about ten bucks on the menu. If you put too large a portion, you’ll be giving away product, and that leads to you not making money.

-Don’t waste food: You know that whole chicken you buy? You can take that whole chicken and make two to three items from it. Instead of throwing the bones away, you can make a chicken stock out of it. Be creative and make multiple menu items from one piece of inventory you buy.

-Shop around vendors: Restaurants sometimes get into a habit of sticking with a single vendor for all of their inventory. Don’t be scared to shop around and see if you can find other deals, and you can save yourself a good amount of money.

These are just a few tips to consider, plus there are lots more. Of course, once you save all of that money on food costs, you can take that extra cash and buy yourself an extra piece of equipment from One Fat Frog, like a fryer or an undercounter refrigerator, or any of the other items in our warehouse.

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