Man Tackles Bull!

Here at One Fat Frog, we love selling great used restaurant equipment, but we also find amazing things happening all the time. I caught this video yesterday evening after a long day at work.

So here’s the story: a 200-kilogram (or 440-pound) bull found its way on to a busy street in Spain. You’ll see him ram into a car in the intersection. Then, one brave soul (wearing red, ironically) on the sidewalk finds himself with the business end of the bull heading right toward him. And this guy headlocks and tackles this bull down to the ground! Others help hold him down until the proper authorities can take the bull away. Hmm…I just spoiled the whole video. Doesn’t matter…you’re gonna want to watch it anyway.

You may not tackle a bull any time soon, but you can tackle some amazing deals on used restaurant equipment at One Fat Frog! Call us today to find out what we have going on!

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