Tampa Food Truck Tip #3: Finding Your Food Supplier


When looking for a potential food supplier for your Tampa food truck, the ultimate goal is to pinpoint one who will offer high-quality food with affordable prices. Remember that you’ll have the opportunity to work with several food suppliers, and sometimes, you may be able to work with multiple suppliers for your food products – such as meat and produce. However, you should try to find one food supplier who can your Tampa food truck with the bulk of your food products from one supplier. Here’s some information, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, to keep in mind when searching for the perfect food supplier. And later on we’ll talk about how One Fat Frog provides Tampa food truck owners with high quality Tampa kitchen equipment.

There are some large, national food suppliers that can provide highly discounted rates, due to the high volume of food they distribute. These large suppliers include Sysco and US Foods. The downside of these using a large supplier is that they oftentimes have a minimum order that may be too much for a single food truck. You may want to try forming some kind of  Tampa food truck alliance where several food truck owners group together to place a huge order from one of these large suppliers.

If you’re not getting all of your food products from a single supplier, it’s crucial that you keep track of all of your invoices. Try to work with as few as food suppliers as possible to lessen the headaches and paper load.

There are a number of ways to make finding a food supplier of your Tampa food truck quick and easy. For example:

• Converse with experienced Tampa food truck owners and Tampa restaurant owners. By now these folks have been in the business long enough to make you some solid recommendations on food suppliers. Be sure to ask them about the experiences they’ve had in Tampa with specific food suppliers.

• Explore online for potential Tampa food suppliers and Tampa restaurant suppliers. Everything you need can be found on the internet. Take advantage of online business directories for Tampa that list suppliers and also search for Tampa food suppliers based on the kind of food you need. This is also a great way to compare prices between competitive Tampa food suppliers.

• Attend restaurant industry trade shows where you can obtain information about a variety of different restaurant suppliers’ products and services. Trade shows are also a fantastic way to speak with food supplier representatives face-to-face.

And, you saw this coming, when you have the supplier you need, be sure your Tampa food truck is equipped with the highest quality food truck equipment in the land! This can be purchased from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’ve been helping Tampa restaurant owners and Tampa food truck owners for years – providing them the quality food service equipment they need at prices that won’t force them to break their budget! One Fat Frog Kitchen Equipment offers an easy financing plan for Tampa food truck owners and you can read all about it here: https://restaurantequipmenttogo.com/finance-lease/

No matter what kind of food you’re cooking up in your Tampa food truck, venture into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for all of your Tampa food truck equipment needs.

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