Restaurant Worker Wins $1 Million in Georgia Lottery!

I don’t know who here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment plays the lottery (I might if I feel extra squirrelly and have an extra buck in my pocket). But hey, don’t you wish this could happen to you? Or me? Wish it happens to me sometime, please.

Diana Quiroz-Morales of Barrow County, Georgia, bought herself an instant play game called $1,000,000 Benjamins, and lo and behold, she won the top prize. $1,000,000 in one instant. The 46-year-old mother of two and waitress had a bad day at work, so she went and picked up the ticket. Now she has plans of purchasing a home and investing the rest in her daughters’ and three grandsons’ futures. Good for you, Diana.

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Now, we can’t promise you a one-million-dollar lottery ticket, but you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery when you come in and get your whole restaurant fully equipped with great financing, a 30 day parts and labor warranty, and free delivery, paint jobs, gas conversion, and custom cutting boards. Give it up for Diana and come down and see what kind of cool stuff we have!

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