Tampa Food Truck Tip #2: Designing the Exterior


Depending on your parking and driving routine, in Tampa your food truck has the potential to be seen by thousands of people every day. That being said, the exterior of your truck should be well thought out and designed. Typically food truck owners will include their logo, menu, and possibly images that display your food on the exterior of the truck. Everything has to be presented in a pleasant and appetizing manner – this is food service, after all.

It sounds cliche, but you only get one first impression. That’s a fact. On average, someone walking or driving past your truck in Tampa will decide within five seconds if they want to eat there or not. Honestly man, it doesn’t matter how good your food is or how much you spent tricking out the kitchen in the belly of the truck or how sweet your parking spot is in Tampa – if you’re exterior looks unappealing, it’s curtains, pal.

Be sure to include anything on the exterior that you feel your customers simply must know. This includes how to find and follow you after their dining experience in Tampa is over. Think online in this department: your website URL, phone number, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

However, be sure your exterior isn’t too cluttered. Limit the amount of text and information because most people won’t be able nor interested in reading heaps of text while walking, driving, or strolling on by. Make sure your text and logo is large enough to be seen from a distance and easily read. Be concise with your presentation and you’ll be drawing eyes and stomachs across Tampa.

Before you finalize your trucks appearance, take plenty of time planning it out. Keep in mind the following:

• What you want your customers to see
• Where the logo, other art, and information will be displayed
• Where the menu should go – this should be decided in regards to what side your window is on and what side of the road you’re going to be normally on

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