Tampa Restaurant News

Tampa has a wide variety of dining options, with flavors from the most modern avant guard chefs to the most traditional Cuban cocinero. We here at One Fat Frog would love to help YOU if you are interested in opening a restaurant start-up in Tampa (or anywhere else in Florida, for that matter), and can work with any restaurant size, design, or budget. We have the largest selection of used restaurant equipment in the area, and offer FREE DELIVERY to Tampa, and pretty much anywhere else in the Sunshine State.

One new establishment, coming this week to Franklin Street in downtown Tampa, is Crumb&Cork. Offering “artisanal wines, cheeses and meats from the world over,” Crumb&Cork will also feature jazz – “glorious, seductive jazz,” according to their website.

If you have an idea for a unique food service establishment – from an intimate jazz bar to a major, high-volume restaurant or pub – call One Fat Frog today for all your used restaurant equipment needs. We have everything under one roof, from the basics like ranges, ovens, and fryers to specialty items like batch freezers, refrigerated display cases, and ice cream topping stations. We have in-house financing for almost every credit rating, offer free custom paint jobs, free gas conversion, and FREE SHIPPING to Tampa. One Fat Frog is your one stop shop for everything in the used food service equipment universe. We’ll even put on some “glorious, seductive jazz” while you shop.

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