Tampa Food Truck Tip #1: Calculating Foot Traffic

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Understanding the amount of foot traffic at a specific location around Tampa is essential when it comes to determining where the potential for profit is the greatest and where to set up your food truck day to day. You can research this foot traffic information on your own, which can save you consultation money and time. Here are some easy steps to determine high foot traffic locations in Tampa, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

• Figure out when you plan on opening for business in Tampa and calculate the foot traffic during these time periods at each specific location you’re thinking about. Typically, every locations foot traffic is different at different times, so make sure you count traffic over a slightly longer period of time than your initial target time. Even better if you’re allowed to hang around the location during different work shifts in Tampa, that way you can see what traffic is like before work, during, and after. This will allow you to hone in on the best times to operate.

• Compile a gridded worksheet or spreadsheet with each of your selected time periods listed down the left-hand side, then list different classes of Tampa pedestrians  along the top. For instance, young business folks, elderly, teenagers, etc. Try using five-minute increments to create an accurate profile that you will calculate at the end of your research in Tampa.

• Be sure to find a safe location to observe pedestrians and use a visual reference within the desired location to keep an accurate mark. For example, if you select a parking meter near your desired Tampa food truck parking spot, then make a mark in the appropriate box every time someone walks past it.

• Once you have your numbers, total the columns and rows for every time slot and class of pedestrian. These totals will allow you to determine if a specific class has the potential to generate a particularly high demand during the time window. Using this data, you can adjust your menu for the different time windows.

• If you plan on checking out multiple locations in Tampa for potential Tampa food truck parking spots, simply repeat this process for each spot and compare the locations. Then consider the best times to be at each location.

• In order to protect your food truck parking spot every day in Tampa, consider parking a car there during your off-business hours.

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