Getting Equipment In Your Food Truck

Here’s a One Fat Frog joke: what’s the difference between a restaurant and a food truck? The space! Okay…that wasn’t a joke, it was more of a statement. One Fat Frog jokes are definitely way funnier than that. But when you’re looking to start up a food truck, there are obvious limitations as compared to a restaurant, and the most obvious limitation is space. You have a truck or a trailer and all of your equipment has to fit in that space, with the ability to still move around and cook! And you look at others’ trucks and think, “Is this even possible?” And One Fat Frog says yes it is!

First, in deciding on what kind of equipment you need to get, think first about your menu. If you find that you have a menu with 10-15 items, and only two or three are fried, then you don’t need a large fryer. A single fryer should do just fine. Also, rather than getting a range, you could probably get by with a large flat griddle. Those are incredibly versatile, letting you cook lots of items on them.

You also want to think about how you’re going to power these items. Most food truck operators might before gas because a gas tank is easier to carry around than a generator for electric items. But some food truck operators are also creative, finding unique ways of having banks of batteries (which is especially useful since most refrigerators aren’t powered by gas). It has to be a factor, as it is in any restaurant operation.

And now, the obvious point: the space itself. Once you’ve purchased your truck and decided where your service window will go, you can start measuring out the space. Try to get as precise of measurements as you can. Then plot out where you’re going to put equipment stands, refrigerators, stand-up equipment, and anything else for that matter. And don’t forget to mark out where their power supply will be going as well. The more planned out you are, the better you’ll be.

After that, come out to One Fat Frog and we’ll help you get all of the equipment you need for your food truck. We love helping out our local businesses, especially those willing to drive around with a mobile kitchen. And, if you pick up $12,500 pieces of used equipment from us, you can get a free iPad! That can be used to as your payment tool rather than hulling a big cash register around. How sweet is that?

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