Food Truck Start Up Considerations

One Fat Frog is here to help with all your used food service equipment needs, from a major commercial kitchen to the smallest food truck. With the expansion of food truck services in the area, however, we thought we’d take some time to look at considerations that any aspiring start-up food truck operator should look at. We already know where you should come for your new and used restaurant equipment, so let’s consider some of the factors that need to go into getting your mobile food service vehicle up and running.

Know your street traffic! It should go without saying that, when you park your restaurant on the street, you want that street to have good foot traffic. So, looking for places where there is a heavy flow of pedestrian traffic (vehicle traffic is of secondary importance) is the first step. However, what type of traffic is also important – you want to make sure that your style and price range is in step with the local steppers.

Additionally, you should check for the times of day that people are on the street. Morning and evening crowds may be locals, for instance, while lunch-time crowds may consist of workers in the local businesses. As noted in an earlier blog entry, Jacksonville Beach is currently considering allowing food trucks on the beach – beachgoers are different from businessmen and local residents in what they want to eat, and this needs to be taken into account.

So, if you are thinking about a food truck (or any other sort of food service) start up, get to know your potential customers. And get to know One Fat Frog, the biggest used restaurant equipment dealer in central Florida, and a great group of folks to deal with!

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