Did You Wash Your Hands After That?

Chances are that, even if you did wash them, you didn’t do it “properly.” A recent study by researchers at Michigan State University indicates that only 5% of Americans wash their hands after using a public rest room in accordance with the Center For Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations.

Those recommendations, but the way, are this: Wet your hands with clean water, then get some soap and work it into a lather. Scrub your hands together for at least 20 seconds, and then rinse before drying.

So, where are we falling short of this? Well, 15% of men and 7% of women don’t wash their hands with any sort of regularity at all after using a public restroom. Of those that DO wash, 50% of men and 22% of women don’t use soap. But even if you are in the “wash AND use soap” category, chances are you are only washing for about the third of the recommended time – the average person only spends 6-7 seconds on the hand washing process.

Factors outside one’s own commitment to personal hygiene can also affect the frequency of hand washing. For example, if the sink is dirty, fewer people wash. Conversely, if there is relatable signage in the rest room, more people are likely to wash up.  Maybe the sign below will help…


Of course, this post is largely in jest, but it can in fact be a very serious issue. People involved in food service can potentially infect customers (as well as co-workers) with any number of nasty – and potentially deadly – diseases if they don’t practice good personal hygiene. Proper hand washing is key to disease prevention, and restaurant owners/managers are key to creating and enforcing good hand washing practices. One Fat Frog encourages all of our customers to lather up and wash good, just as we encourage you to call us for all your sanitation needs. Three basin sinks, drop sinks, commercial dishwashers – One Fat Frog has everything you need to keep a clean and sanitary workplace – hand washing services not included.

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