The Perfect Cocktail: The Right Blend

Ahhh yes, Professor Frog’s back with another bar-related post. What can I say? I do love the bar business. Of course, years ago, when I was a naive college boy, I thought drinking was just to get drunk. But really, drinking alcoholic beverages (such as cocktails, or mixed drinks) can be enjoyed for the way they taste. If you run a bar or are a bartender, making the perfect cocktail means to remember three words: sugar, acid, and alcohol. Here’s why you need that blend:

Sugar: drinks need to have the right blend of sweet. If you have too much sugar, the customer will be filled up and will be less likely to order another drink. And since cocktails have the highest profit yield, you want to sell more than one.

Acid: if the drink has too much acid, or is too tart, then the sour taste will cause the patron to drink it slower. Again, drinking slower means drinking less, and drinking less is what you don’t want.

Alcohol: this one is the most obvious. I used to get into discussions with a bartender friend of mine who thinks that people just want to get drunk. Not true. When making the perfect cocktail and getting the right blend, too much alcohol gets people drunk (duh). If they get drunk, they get cut off, and you get cut off, they don’t drink anymore.

There you go. We’ve got the perfect cocktail. If you run a bar, make sure your bartenders are pouring properly, as that can also lead to lost product. We’ll talk about that sometime later.

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