Restaurant Trends, Part 10

Well, we’ve finally come to the end of our 10-part series on current restaurant and dining trends. The One Fat Blog hopes you have enjoyed it, and that perhaps you’ve found a little inspiration for your food service business.

10) Fermentation. While fermentation itself is certainly nothing new (humans have been doing it for some 8,000 years, and it has occurred naturally since the beginning of life on Earth), some creative and adventurous restauranteurs have taken the process to new heights.

Basically, fermentation is the process of converting sugars into alcohol and/or organic acids, under anaerobic conditions. Carbon dioxide is also usually produced. To enable this conversion, microorganisms such as yeasts or bacterias are often used. Common fermented food products include beer, wine, kimchi, cheese, yogurt, and many more. Chances are you’ve eaten something fermented already today…

These traditional, “common” fermented foods and beverages, however, are not what we’re talking about here today. No, the new trend we are discussing includes things like the aged salt beef (fermented for two months) at Nightwood in Chicago, which has a prosciutto-like “funk,” and adds a complex, savory flavor to dressings and sauces. At McCrady’s in Charleston, all manner of foods are finding their way into the fermentation vats – from hot sauces to vinegar made from Mountain Dew. Momofuku in New York, meanwhile, is concentrating on the traditional Japanese fermented dish miso, using different microbes and different fermentation times to give their plates unique flavors. And, after all, the end result is always to create something delicious…

If your food service business is looking to shake up its menu, perhaps adding some home-made fermented products is just the thing you’re looking for. No matter your needs, however, One Fat Frog has the new and used restaurant equipment required to turn those dreams into reality. We also offer easy in-house financing, and free delivery to almost anywhere in Florida. Call or come by today for the latest in prices and availability, and take advantage of our “moving to a new, bigger location” sale to get the best deals on new and used food service equipment.

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