Poisonous/Toxic Foods We Eat Every Day

Yes, that’s right, chances are pretty good that you’ve eaten something potentially poisonous today… But that’s ok, because most of us do it EVERY day! The following is a list of ten common foods that can be poisonous or toxic – so eat with care!

10) Mushrooms. The world consumes a tremendous amount of these delicious fungi, and the vast majority of them are perfectly fine to eat. Around 5% of them, however, are toxic – some are actually quite deadly.

9) Rhubarb. The green leaves of the rhubarb contain oxalic acid, which is known to cause kidney stones and, in high enough doses, death.

8) Kidney Beans. Kidney beans contain the toxin lectin, which can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. It can take as few as three uncooked beans to cause these symptoms. The good news, however, is that the cooking process eliminates the toxin.

7) Apples. Apple pips (apple seeds) contain small amounts of amygdalin, a cyanide and sugar compound that becomes hydrogen cyanide (a deadly toxin) when metabolized. However, the poison in encased in the hard outer shell of the seed, so a whole seed inadvertently swallowed is unlikely to release its toxin. Additionally, the amount of seeds that would need to be chewed up and swallowed to cause a lethal dose is very high, so unless you are sitting down to a full bowl of apple pips you will be fine.

6) Tomatoes. The area near the stem and leaves contains the toxin tomatine, which is used in pesticides. Again, however, the amount that would need to be consumed in order for it to be dangerous to a human being is very large.

5) Potatoes. Green potatoes have high levels of glycoalkaloid poison, which, in high enough doses, has been known to kill.

4) Cherry seeds. Like apple seeds, these contain a cyanide compound that could cause illness or death if enough of them are consumed.

3) Brazil nuts. These are the most radioactive of all foods, containing 1,000 times more radium than almost any other common food. This amount is still relatively very small, and most of the radium is not retained in the body.

2) Nutmeg. A known hallucinogen, nutmeg is known to cause “nutmeg psychosis” in high doses.

1) Pufferfish. Improperly prepared, pufferfish can lead to paralysis and death. That’s why chefs train for several years before they are certified to serve the dangerous delicacy. Despite the heavy regulation and vigorous training, however, there are still reported incidents of pufferfish poisoning each year.

Well, there you have it – a smorgasbord of potentially poisonous provisions. We here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment don’t suggest that you stop eating apples or mushrooms, of course – normal consumption of these products is as safe as can be. We just found it interesting that there were so many toxins out there in the foods we consume every day.

If you own a bar, restaurant, food truck, or any other business that provides food to the public, we urge you to follow all the applicable guidelines for safe food preparation. One Fat Frog ALSO urges you to call or come by the warehouse today, for all of your new and used restaurant equipment. We have an amazing selection of products, and prices that are lower than you think. And we promise not to feed you pufferfish.

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